Pace leads Future Humber’s rebrand

September 13, 2023

We were asked to help with the rebrand of regional marketing body Marketing Humber.

The brief was to develop a brand that was fresh, bold and flexible and would be meaningful for the organisation’s members, partners and communities.

We workshopped and researched our ideas across the Pace team and, in partnership with the Marketing Humber team, Future Humber was born.

Once we knew what the name was going to be, our studio team looked at bringing it to life.

Our senior designer Lisa looked to the Humber Bridge for inspiration – using the curves of the suspension and the straight lines of the towers. Using these recognisable, simple shapes gives the new logo a modern, elegant feel. The four bright colours represent the four pillars of Future Humber’s work – people, place, partnership and planet. The shapes also correspond to the four syllables in the organisation’s name.  

Diana Taylor, MD, Future Humber said: “Working with Pace was incredibly creative, it was inspirational. It achieved a mammoth result.

“An unforgettable moment was when Pace put up the first examples, the first visuals of what the new brand would be. I remember the moment and I thank my lucky stars because all ofmy team fell in love with the same brand which was essential to me.”